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Friday, February 22, 2013

Press note about Faizabad Uttar Pradesh

                                                          Press note
People’s Vigilance committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) for the last 20 years has been working to establish the rights of women, children and muslim minority. Along with backwards, suppressed, minority , women and children are being upraised about their rights to help bring rule of law to the fore. The impact of the 20 years of efforts is visible as people have now started raising questions and situation has changed.
The organization has apart from making efforts has also done advocacy for the victims to get them justice and bring them back to the mainstream. It is the result of sustained advocacy for the past three years that there has been no fake or bogus encounter. PVCHR has been making efforts along with National Human Rights commission, women commission, child rights commission and other human rights organization and bringing these cases of exploitation before the local administration. PVCHR has compelled the local administration to do justice to these cases as the organization feels that there should be rule of law here and there should be no body above law.
In several places such as Chandauli, Malokhar, Farbisganj, Sahaspur, Muradabad, Meerut and Aligarh the organization did fact finding, and advocacy strongly to bring about an atmosphere of harmony. The fact finding and advocacy compelled administration to give away compensation and also expunge bogus cases in the name of innocent people.
It is normally seen that in such incidents of communal violence few fanatic people are involved. In the name of religion the incidents are actually pre-planned and thus violence happens. It is also a fact that the crowd that actually does violence is not local. PVCHR when got the news about violence in Faizabad it did a proper fact finding and went threadbare in to the matter. In such incidents the loopholes come to the fore which are actually fault of the local administration and security forces.
But those who are the victims never are able to collect back the pieces of their lives scattered during violence. Faizabad violence raised several questions and one among them was a common with other such violence that the administration does not takes seriously report of its own intelligence. And the result of this ignorance is in front of all of us. People of Faizabad, who were silent at the time of Babri mosque demolition, got angry with the laxity of police. These are five questions that if were taken seriously there would have been peace….
First question: The intelligence department of the Uttar Pradesh police had reported that violence could take place during the Durga Pooja, idol immersion, but there were no concrete steps were taken then.
Second question: For the past 10 days section 144 was imposed then how could incidents of eve teasing and pelting. When this was happening what were the cops doing?
Third question: hand of a corporator and owner of a beauty parlour has been found in the Rakabganj violence but why hasn’t police arrested them? People say these two are responsible for the entire violence.
Fourth question: People alleged that during violence in charge of the police-out-post opened fire unnecessarily and one of the inspectors gave statement that ignited communal flare. What action has been done against these two
Fifth question: for the entire night the city was burning, and violence took place at several places. Roadways buses, fire tender buses and shops were gutted, and pelted stones. After 12 hours curfew was imposed and this has raised doubts on the role of administration and shows their insensitivity.
The PVCHR did advocacy and sent letter to the National Human Rights Commission, Prime Minister, National Minorities Commission, Home department, New delhi, Uttar Pradesh DGP showing the actual scene and demanded that an independent agency be deputed for probing the matter and thereafter the guilty be punished strictly. Family of those who dies and kin of injured be given compensation. Also keeping in view the festivals of Deepawali, and Muharram adequate security arrangements be done.
The commission has demanded an explanation from the government on the issue. The organization came to know that there were 68 people who had suffered a loss of 5 lakh during the arson and violence, and there were 20 people who had suffered loss betweeb 5 to 20 lakh. There were 11 other who had suffered loss of over 20 lakh.
Those who suffered loss belonged to both communities. Keeping in view the fact the organization again sent letter to the prime minister demanding that compensation and rehabilitation packages be provided to victims under the 15 point programme of the prime minister. Also the demand was made that people of the majority community be provided relief from prime minister relief fund.
The chief minister was demanded that relief be paid to victims including the majority community people and an independent probe set up to establish the fact.
Apart from this there are five more demands, which if fulfilled, we believe will stop communal violence:-
1 New books be rbought in after reviewing history. Specially medieval history and modern history because the way history is being taught about Hindu and Muslim is incorrect. Wars were fought for empires and not religion.
2 we need to focus upon vaule of education. Today the value of education is for money and not actually its values.
3 Third important point is change in the working style of police. Our policemen have gone through the same education system and their opinion about minority and other weak sections of the society is the same.
4 Making of laws that target communal violence. If this law is made the concerned officers can be made accountable. This act be prepared by responsible secular workers.
5 People from different communities live together and they live in communal harmony.

Dr Lenin
General secretary
People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights
S4/2A Daulatpur, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
9935599333 pvchr.india@gmail.com

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