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Monday, April 29, 2013

Cashing in on prejudice: Police torture of Muslims in UP

Today, the attitude of the police is one of the main enforces of torture. The marginalization of the Muslim community combined with the discrimination that penetrates police stations in India creates situations where the religious discrimination of the police is manifested and enforced by torture.
Punishment or persecution of policemen for human rights violations Uttar Pradesh is unheard of. This is because of corruption, a general distrust and dislike of Muslims, and the idea of the police being above the law. In most cases, complaints against police officers are not even registered because other police officers refuse to do this. If the complaints are registered, the process is extremely slow.
Within the police force, policemen who try to help victims get justice are ostracized from the rest of police force. Some policemen have even been killed for going against the unwritten rules in police stations. Police who use torture to get false confessions often get promoted and are indirectly or directly rewarded for torturing. The practice is even promoted within certain police forces as means of gathering information. In police stations around Uttar Pradesh norms of conduct seem to have been created that override the legal obligations of policemen.

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