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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Illegal detention of a muslim youth in Varanasi and torture due to his minority status

Recording of talk Moosa with Vikram Sahgal.It is an evidence of undue and illegal psychological torture by police

Dear sir,
Greetings from PVCHR.
I am bringing the brutal torture case of Mohammad Isa Azmi S/O Janab Mohammad Ismail Azmi R/O S-3/190 E-2-A,ordely bazar Police station Cantt in Varanasi by Nadesar police out-post incharge Mr.A.K.Singh at nearly 1.40 PM of 17 May 2011.Medico-legal report revealved 11 injuries.

                              Sign of torture of a muslim youth by upper caste Hindus police official
After an intervention by many activists after the apeal of his brother Mr. Moosa Azmi,a renowned Human Rights actvist,Police released him at nearly  4.30 PM.
Survivor is feeling very discriminatory due to his torture on the name of muslim.
Please take immediate action for establishment of rule of law.
With warm regards,
Dr. Lenin
Executive Director/Secretary General -PVCHR/JMN
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--The Buddha
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  1. Varanasi volunteers... do a shame shame parade in front of Police Headquarters and lodge a FIR against them

  2. Please do not bring religion into this or caste.

    This is an atrocity on an Indian.

    Please tell me what can I do. I have already spoken to some media people and some senior police people on this.

    When you make stupid statements like upper class Hindus you look stupid and harm your cause

  3. If person is using the religion for beating.Please see the recorded telephone talk