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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Death threats to human rights defender Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi

Death threats to human rights defender Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi | TwoCircles.net
December 1, 2011

By TCN News,

Varanasi: Eminent human rights activist and Secretary General of Peoples' Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR), Dr Lenin Raghuvanshi has received threat calls from one J.P. Mishra, a resident of Gorakhpur. Dr. Lenin is pursuing the case of murder of one Sohrab Ahmed, also resident of the same district. Regarding the murder, Dr. Lenin in August this year had written to Uttar Pradesh Governor, NHRC and others highlighting anti-Muslim activities of Hindu Wahini group supported by Gorakhpur BJP MP Yogi Adityanath.

Talking to TCN, Dr. Lenin said the caller described himself as J.P. Mishra and resident of Gorakhpur and connected with goons. He perceived him (Dr Lenin) as a government officer. In the first call, the caller gave threats and next he gave some missed calls.

Sohrab Ahmed

On 29th November, 2011 around 5:27 pm Dr. Lenin received threatening call from a mobile number on his mobile. The caller was using filthy words after using the words Human Rights. He also gave life threat saying "You will be towed" and "if you speak too much you will be shot out". At that time, Dr. Lenin was busy in the meeting with its associates in his office.

At mean time around 5: 42 pm Dr. Lenin immediately released an urgent release in facebook. Around 6:22 pm Dr. Lenin rang on the caller's number but he did not receive any response from that side. Then again he ranged this time he succeed to know the identity of the caller. The caller said, "My name is J.P. Mishra, I am resident of Gorakhpur. You did not know about my power. I can do anything. Son, I have relation with many person you know Tulsi Singh. Now you understand what type of person I am. I lived in Mumbai I can do anything. If you are Governor or Chief Minister of the state, understand I have worth to do anything. Then he threat what is your worth monthly earning of only 10 thousand and 20 thousand". The caller was speaking in Bhojpuri mixed Hindi language.

Immediately letter through email was sent to Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission and Director General of Police and on 30th November, 2011 same letter was sent through post.

It is noted that in the wake of Dr Lenin's letter dated 4th August 2011, Governor, Uttar Pradesh had asked the chief secretary to look into the murder case. And later an enquiry was conducted under the supervision of state DGP.

Mr Mritunjay, office in-charge of PVCHR, gave details about Sohrab's case to TCN. Sohrab Khan, son of Jameel Khan, was murdered in the intervening night of 23-24 March 2011. He was coming home from Haryana to attend a marriage ceremony scheduled at home on 26th March. Till 10 pm he was in contact with his brother at home. At that time he was at Bargadwan area of the district. Then his mobile went silent. Next day the family members went out in search of him. Local police first asked them to look for him at auto stands and elsewhere but meanwhile a low-level policeman told them about a dead body found early morning on that day. When they asked the station in-charge about the dead body, then he showed them his picture and they identified him.

According to Mirtunjay, the area where Sohrab was killed is the stronghold of Hindu Vahini and Muslim can't dare to entre those areas after sunset. He said many such incidents have occurred with Muslims in recent past.

He further said that Hindu Vahini has full support of the BJP MP. When any member of the group is caught by police for any wrongdoing, the MP calls or appears at the police station and threatens them and secure release of Vahini member.

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